1. The aims and objectives of Riccardo Bosi are to have an Australian nation that: 
  2. upholds, defends and is dedicated to the principles of life, liberty, security and the right to the pursuit of happiness of all Australian citizens and residents from conception to death irrespective of race, colour, creed or gender, subject to the unalienable rights of others. 
  3. recognises the beneficial role that the Christian world view and its teachings have had in shaping Australia’s development as a nation, its legal system and its foundational underpinnings as reflected in its laws. 
  4. upholds the Australian Constitution (1901) as the nations’ foundation, its Amendments and recognises the nations laws and system of national sovereignty acting as a Constitutional Monarchy, and any future amendments assented to by the citizens of Australia via a Referendum in accordance with s128 of the Australian Constitution (1901).
    1. defends Australia and all nationals and citizens, its domestic and foreign interests, its land, sea, and air from:
    2. physical aggression while playing its part as a world citizen with its allies to maintain peace, as required.
    3. all persons, organisations and nations who seek domination of or over, the Australian people
  5. upholds, defends and is dedicated to the principles of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, freedom of petition and to protect these from the threat of or actual, violence and suppression, subject to the lawful rights of other.
  6. is an intelligent, free, and democratic Australian democracy, maintained by:
    1. an Executive, Legislature and Judiciary as detailed in the Australian Constitution (1901) as it provides for the federation of the States, whereby the Commonwealth government is designed to be a limited, accountable government that serves the States and their peoples
    2. i.an adherence to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, freedom of petition speech subject only to the provisions of Libel and defamation, Incitement to violence, Sedition and Treason, and
    3. as determined by an independent judiciary that encompasses trial by a jury of peers, with all Australian citizens, in Australia, being subject only to Australian Law.
  7. upholds the freedom of citizens and residents to choose their own way of living and of life, subject to the lawful rights of others.
  8. upholds the principle that all men, women, and children are created equal and independent; that from their equal creation, they derive inherent inalienable rights, among which are the preservation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, subject to the lawful rights of others.
  9. upholds the protection of all citizens and residents from exploitation.
  10. upholds the right of all citizens and nationals, irrespective of race, colour, creed or gender to pursue and engage in gainful employment with the expectation of equal access to opportunities without any expectation of equal outcomes.
  11. the protection of, development of and use of all its natural resources in a responsible and efficient manner for the benefit of all citizens and residents, while maintaining the natural environment as far as practicable for the benefit of all Australians.
  12. the encouragement of citizens and residents and their personal initiative to, and enterprise of, their dynamic force toward progress, subject to the rights of others.
  13. upholding and maintaining the principles of personal responsibility and accountability of all publicly funded Officials, Departments, officers, and their decisions, and making these available to the public upon formal request, provided the security of the nation is not compromised now or in the future; and
  14. upholding and defending the Australian National Anthem, the Australian Flag and the Australian Coat of Arms as the only symbols used and recognised by all Government Departments and representatives, citizens, residents and visitors as representing Australia and all Australians irrespective of race, colour, creed, gender or prior national identity
  15. facilitates its population having access to a comprehensive system of child and adult education designed to develop the spirit of true Australian citizenship, in which no regard to wealth or privilege shall be a determining factor and which:
    1. has, as its fundamental and core priorities the studies of math, English, history, geography, economics, and the sciences.
    2. is freely available to all nationals and citizens throughout Australia.
    3. is free from bias, ideological influence, racial division, denigration, gender identity coercion or any other ideological fad.
    4. gives every Australian irrespective of age, the encouragement to develop their inherent and individual talents to their full extent, recognising that from their ranks comes the leadership of our communities and our nation now and in the future.
  16. promotes and develops industry for the prosperity, security, safety and sovereignty of Australia and all citizens and residents.
  17. promotes primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, where new markets are developed, where the lot of citizens and residents are improved, rural amenities are increased, and industries are decentralised.
  18. has a fair and equitable taxation system
  19. promotes and implements laws ensuring the personal safety of Australian citizens and their property and ensures the unalienable rights of all can be maintained in the face of danger using lawful personal safety devices.
  20. promotes Australia’s sovereign interests in all foreign and domestic affairs, agreements, and exchanges, and to maintain a fair and balanced exchange of terms of trade.
  21. withdraws from and ceases participation in all international groups, treaties, covenants, and agreements with nations and international organisations that do not respect Australia’s right to act in its national interest.
  22. protects and enforces the inalienable rights of children (from conception), the traditional family unit and the enforcement of parents’ and extended family’s responsibilities to children irrespective of race, colour, creed or gender up until and including the age of 18 years old.
  23. enables and promotes a society whereby family life is recognised as fundamental to our nation’s well-being, in which:
    1. every family is enabled to live in, and preferably to own, a comfortable home at a reasonable cost,
    2. every family shall enjoy and is provided with adequate amenities and services.
  24. has a manageable and fully efficient immigration policy conducive to the national interest, without regard for colour, sex or race but with the highest regard for the ability and desire to integrate into Australian culture, which includes but is not limited to:
    1. maintaining a sustainable rate of population growth tied to the provision of infrastructure and development required to support said growth.
    2. sourcing appropriately educated, skilled and experienced people required to grow and maintain the economy.
    3. the provision of temporary visa programs for skilled migrants whose employment, medical, housing and education needs are met by employers; and
    4. the provision of a refugee program prioritizing registered refugees located in camps or the like throughout the world with priority determined by waiting times and or threat to life due to immediate internal country instability.
    5. has a citizenship system whereby immigrants, legally accepted via the visa system described above and desiring to become citizens, are limited to those who:
    6. have lived and worked in Australia for not less than ten (10) years.
    7. have attained an accepted standard of spoken, reading and written English.
    8. have not committed any offence that incurs a custodial sentence of 6 months or more during their residence in Australia; and
    9. ensures children of immigrants who have not attained Australian citizenship do not receive Australian citizenship by birth (‘birth right citizenship’ or other such named legislation), but rather ‘citizenship by descent’ of their parents’ nation(s) of origin.
  25. affords men and women who have served in the Australian Defence Force and their dependents, the respect, honour, security, preferential treatment and generous additional benefits they are owed
  26. maintains an intimidating defence force which:
    1. maintains a demonstrated capability to defend Australia and her interests independently through the application of full spectrum warfare, synchronized with diplomatic economic measures.
    2. maintains an operational level of military capability and is capable of a sustained operational viability period in accordance with strategic warning, and
  27. Builds and maintains the strategic manufacturing capabilities to support our forces in high tempo, high intensity and sustained operations.
  28. makes provision for the needs of the aged, the invalided, the widowed, the sick, the unemployed and their dependent children in accordance with Australian law.
  29. provides for adequate medical services within the reach of all.